Tutorial: Window Frame Photograph Display

I can’t imagine a better pair than that of the combination of an antique item and family history. I love old photographs of my kinfolk, and decided that I wished to display some of them in my new apartment. Often times I find that the traditional frames just won’t do, and that while giving them a makeover is a great solution, sometimes a room just needs a statement piece. The perfect solution: this window frame photo display!


The amazing thing about this project is that it can be done for next to nothing, and can be made to match any room based upon window frame color and fabric choices!


-window frame

-fabric (1/4th yard is more than enough)

-doilies (these are optional and can be replaced by fabric if desired)

-Modge Podge

-old photographs (I suggest that you make copies in order to preserve your precious      photos!)

Step 1: An obvious first step is to acquire an old window frame, but I felt it necessary to include this as a step for one reason: stability. Antique windows may need to be reinforced either to hold the glass panels better in place or to ensure that the wooden frame is sturdy enough to support a hanger of some sort. The glass in mine was loose so a very quick fix is to run a bead of hot glue into all of the gaps to secure the panels. Check stability first!

Step 2: Measure your fabric to fit behind your glass panels. Allow for at least a half inch excess around each edge so that you have more to work with for stronger attachment to the wood.

Step 3: Plan the layout of your window frame. Play with the arrangement of fabric, doilies, and photographs until a desired look is achieved.

Step 4: Use modge podge to attach your photos to their chosen fabric or doilies. Cover the entire back of your photo for best hold, and allow to dry before trying to place in window frame.

Step 5: Working with the backside of your frame, attach fabric pieces by heavily outlining one panel of glass and surrounding wood with modge podge. It is important not to cover the entire glass surface; although it would ensure better attachment, it can cause your photo ink to run or become blurry. To attach doilies, cover entire doily surface that is exposed (not the photos) with modge podge. This will need to be a heavy coat because the doilies and fabric will soak up a great deal of the glue. Place where desired on frame.

Allow to dry, and any places of fabric or doilies that need to be secured further can be with more modge podge added to the back side of the fabric (it will soak through and stick!).

If any issues, questions, or comments come to your mind, just ask for further explanation!


Why Agriculture?


When we look into the future, especially on a day like election day, what are the things that are most important for us to consider? What are issues that will always be vital to our existence? I can say without a moment of hesitation that agriculture is one of, if not the, most important sector for us to focus on.

The quote above is one of my favorites pertaining to agriculture. All of the professions mentioned are so very admirable and absolutely necessary, but how many times a day do you use an agricultural product compared to how many times you need the other services mentioned? People will always have to eat…always need clothing… always need medicines; the list goes on and on.

We often forget just where these items come from, and the work that is exerted to produce them. Better yet, we lack the ability to see the importance of education about the agriculture sector, especially when it comes to our children. I urge you, do not let agriculture fall by the wayside, or become an issue that is no longer discussed and understood. Think of agriculture always and often!

Hey yall!

Being a college student who is actively involved in student organizations, church, family activities, teaching observations, and always crafting and antiquing leaves me sooooo much time to do a blog, right?! Well, though it may not be the most effective use of my spare time, I feel driven to share the many experiences I have with crafting and in the agriculture sector!

I am a Pinterest addict and thank the Lord everyday for the many ideas I gain from others sharing their activities and projects. Through this blog I wish to share my projects and interesting finds so that others will hopefully get inspiration for their own works! I get no greater joy than that which comes from giving a gift, especially if it’s uniquely handmade. I hope that the posts I create will serve as their own little gift to you!