{Cowboys and Angels}

Currently I am praying off the snow they are predicting for tonight, and considering how unreal it seems that just this past Sunday the 70+ degree weather caused me to break a sweat while shooting…absolutely crazy! No matter what the weather is now, this past weekend I could not have asked for a better day! Clouds allowed us to shoot anywhere we wished, while a few spurts of sunshine gave life to the photos.

This particular couple, Matt and Madison, are the epitome of a small town, country couple. They were up for anything, and we were able to capture so many beautiful shots! Below are some of the photos, as well as some from Matt’s senior session that we also did that day.

cowboys and angels
country boy

New Technology, New Products!

The Christmas season has kept me busy with family friends and orders, but finally I have some time to update the blog! The one thing I asked for as a Christmas present was the Silhouette Cameo. Saying this was a good investment would be an understatement! This machine is amazing and so easy to use…it cuts paper, vinyl, fabric and more with ease. Below is just one of the new additions to Country Chic Antiques that I have made so far using the Silhouette Cameo. For more information about the machine, just click here:


%22be the good%22 canvas art (yellow)

Announcing!!! Country Chic Photography!

Oh how I have longed to make more of my photography! Now, I am taking the big step and beginning to form a business! Country Chic Photography is all about capturing the truth behind an individual’s personality. For a little bit more info, read on below and be sure to like my page at www.facebook.com/CountryChicPhotography93!


{Has camera, will travel!}
Natural light and a special location always make a timeless photo. I will come to your home or other location of your choosing in order to make every aspect of your picture all your own. Don’t have a place in mind? I can set up a session at one of my favorite locations for you!

{Uniquely Yours}
Children, couples, families, landscapes, and pets…you name it, I photograph it! I’m sure to have exactly what you are looking for when it comes to time and location. On some occasions, I will do mini sessions (30-45 minutes) where you are allowed one outfit and photos are taken at a very focused location, often with a specific theme. Mini sessions will be designed by me and open for booking as announced on this page. A personal session (about 1 & 1/2 – 2 hours) allows us to get the best variety in a unique setting. You are allowed unlimited outfit changes, and we will work to get different settings and backdrops. This way, the possibilities are endless!

Prices vary based upon the type of photo shoot, location, number of people if there is a large group, etc. Contact me for more information.

Contact me at kecauthen@gmail.com or via a facebook message!

A Picture Worth More Than 1,000 Words


A photo shoot for a Christmas gift makes for a busy day! However, managing 13 grandchildren and great-grandchildren definitely kept everyone entertained and energized. Taking individual family shots was a given while everyone was looking so nice, and I’m thankful we took the time to do it because we came up with the photo above. Can you say perfect?!? While trying to keep the twins facing our way, they got a little too interested in what momma and daddy were doing behind them. Their curiosity combined with the sun’s angle gave me this beautiful shot!

Think Simple! Think Vintage!

When considering home decor for the Christmas season, there is nothing I love more than handmade items! Often they are so much easier to make than one might think, and they never fail to make the room so very unique!


Think simple! The painting to the left is very easy on the eyes due to the color choices and silhouette image, but has a quirky nature at the same time. Try using a white tail deer silhouette rather than the traditional reindeer shape. Add a small red nose and you have a unique rudolf all your own!

Think Vintage! The painting to the right also takes a special spin on the traditional Christmas scene with a tree made of flowing shapes and a vintage looking deer. Try some interesting colors, such as mint blue and bright red on peach…after all, Christmas doesn’t have to just be about red and green!

Tutorial: Silverware Tray Shelf


I don’t know about you, but I have an infinite amount of small figurines, salt and pepper shakers, handmade trinkets…the list goes on and on. Often I come across the issue of needing the perfect place to display them; regular shelves and cabinets just fall short of the job for these small items.

This is hardly a tutorial because of it’s simplicity, but take time to consider using things like old silverware trays as shelves. I found this red wooden tray at an antique shop, and loved it’s worn look. All it takes to spice it up a little bit more is some scrapbook paper and modge podge!

Measure your openings of each section and cut your paper to fit. You can cover the background like I did, or even consider doing shelf lining. Apply modge podge to the surface in order to glue your paper down, and then cover the paper with a layer of modge podge if desired. Let dry and your all set to hang and display your treasures!

This particular tray is available for purchase at Country Chic Antiques on Etsy!

Tutorial: Colored Faux Milk Glass Jars

I love the look of milk glass jars, and frequently use them for decoration because they match almost any decor! However, when you have white walls like I do, the white color of the jars is quite limiting. The solution: create my own milk glass jars in colors! The great thing about this project is that it takes about 15 minutes to complete, and can be done with materials that you probably already have around the house!


-glass jars of any shape and size

-several colors/shades of paint

Step 1: Make sure that your jars are clean and dry. I dug mine out of a dirt pile at Cline’s Antiques so they took some scrubbing!

Step 2: Select any paints that you want and do any mixing of colors that you wish. I used one teal color and added white to create different shades and give it more of a milk glass look.

Step 3: Place about a tablespoon of paint inside the jar. This amount will vary based upon the size of the jar, and don’t worry if the amount isn’t exact because you can always add more paint. Swirl this paint around inside the jar until the entire interior is covered. Once covered, any excess paint will need to be removed. Prop the jar upside down either over the paint container or a small dish to catch paint runoff.

Repeat with as many jars as desired, and allow jars to dry at least 24 hours before doing any major movements or placing anything inside. Have fun experimenting with different tones and colors! I know I did, and some of my jars (including those featured above) are for sale at Country Chic Antiques on Etsy!