Tutorial: Silverware Tray Shelf


I don’t know about you, but I have an infinite amount of small figurines, salt and pepper shakers, handmade trinkets…the list goes on and on. Often I come across the issue of needing the perfect place to display them; regular shelves and cabinets just fall short of the job for these small items.

This is hardly a tutorial because of it’s simplicity, but take time to consider using things like old silverware trays as shelves. I found this red wooden tray at an antique shop, and loved it’s worn look. All it takes to spice it up a little bit more is some scrapbook paper and modge podge!

Measure your openings of each section and cut your paper to fit. You can cover the background like I did, or even consider doing shelf lining. Apply modge podge to the surface in order to glue your paper down, and then cover the paper with a layer of modge podge if desired. Let dry and your all set to hang and display your treasures!

This particular tray is available for purchase at Country Chic Antiques on Etsy!


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